Being 17

17’s awesome, oh wait let me correct myself, 17 sucks.

I’m 17, I’m young, I’m healthy, I am literally blessed in every way physically, mentally, socially, socioeconomically that a young adult of my age could be… yet 17, still manages to suck.

I understand that parents are meant to be annoying, and in some sense, lets be honest, there meant to be assholes, its there primary job when your this age…

what I’m struggling to come to terms with is the concept of how sheltered I am, not the sort of sheltered that you expect someone my age to experience, to put it bluntly:

Parent’s mind set-

My daughter is 17, she’s going to go to that party, she’s gonna get drunk, she’s going to get the wrong group of friends, hook up with some disgusting boy, shes gonna smoke, shes gonna do drugs, shes going to destroy her life and her opportunities for the future. – Parent logic (dramatic, but accurate)

Child’s mindset-

I’m going to go to this party, I’m gonna get drunk, but not drunk past the stage of happiness because I did that once and completely learnt that there is no such thing as a nice feeling when it comes to boffing up your entire insides because you drank to much alcohol, also, it makes you fat. My best friend is 100% going to get with that hot guy and I am going to make it happen, and then I’m going to create a dance floor whether there is one or not, and dance my freaking butt off because generally that’s all I want to do.

Why is it that parents think that you are some sort of devil child who only has the most terrible things planned and shall execute those things with determined accuracy at whatever cost possible? Why do parents constantly tell you ‘I was your age once, I understand’ then proceed to constantly shove it in your face, but then suddenly treat you like an alien child when it comes to giving you freedom.

I feel like my own parents are ripping me off from the best years of my life, I don’t care about alcohol, or drugs, or smoking or whatever it is they think I am doing behind there backs for fun. I don’t care who’s popular and I promise I’m not bulimic. I feel like there ripping me off from all the little moments, I feel like there taking my freedom to enjoy the most insignificant things that when your 40 string together to become the most significant things. The things you look back on and treasure. I feel like I wake up everyday and get ripped off from so many beautiful moments because I’m getting constantly pre judged on what I’m going to do, based on the pasts that they created for themselves.

The past that in 40 years is going to consist of me looking back at my life and remember myself sitting, staring at a screen, writing words into a milky way called the internet, where no one really cares, but sometimes its all you got when no one wants to listen.

So again, there’s a possibly for 17 to be amazing, it’s happening all around me, but for the individual me, 17 totally sucks.


Keeping 17

Seventeen year old teenage girl stuck in the mediocre stage of being a newly known adult who is respected by the general public as socially ‘mature’, and the child that at heart I still am and never want to stop being.

This age is the age that everyone around me is counting down those 365 days until they’re 18 and finally get too in their minds, be ‘free’, for everyone around me or the large majority it seems like such an exciting event, so exciting that; everyone I know is forgetting that at this moment in time we are all still at this perfect age of 17 where people respect you and treat you like your an adult but at the same time its still acceptable to screw up, be an idiot, to rely on your parents for everything and not truly be responsible for anything, I don’t ever want this age to end.

I feel as though all my peers are wasting this, like their not seeing this and appreciating this, I mean at this age its acceptable to completely fall in love in the most beautiful of ways and experience heartbreak to the extent of ice-cream and Maccas and anything diabetes ensuring in your bedroom whilst playing the notebook in the background when really paying no attention to it but more just having it there to add to the effect of your oh so sad miserable life you live according too only you at the particular moment in time.

I want too keep 17

I want to be able to come home and cry to my mum and her to hug me and tell me its going to be okay when something goes wrong

I want to be able to fall in love so hard, the sort of love that you can only experience at this age because nothing can truly affect it but the two people in the relationship, the sort of love you believe somewhere deep inside you will last forever

I want to lay under the stars with my friends and hug them and promise them forever

I want to flirt with the whole entire world, I want to scream and laugh and cry to its fullest extent that even my body physically replicates the emotions

I want to be so extremely happy in an unbreakable way just for the pure fact that life is beautiful and my childhood is not something I am ready to loose

Why does no one around me that needs to see this, see this?

Why is it only when its too late and your an adult stuck paying boring pills and running your children to their local soccer match peeling oranges and wondering what the hell happened to your life while wearing a completely fake smile on your face that you realise this?

How do you get a whole population of teenagers to realise that their life today, the age that they are at and the tiny inexplicably perfect moments that come with it are what we should be forever thankful for, not the 365 days left until our lives supposedly begin, because as much our lives may be beginning in a different exciting way that we have waited so long for, a part of our childhood is ending, and I am in no way ready too loose that, it’s such a tragedy that everyone else is.

I want too keep 17 forever